My new super cheap recording studio


I bought a cheap guitar cable and a cheap microphone cable on Ebay and linked it up to my trusty Asus NetBook. I’ll keep you posted how it works.


Mixing advice from the band

I’m currently mixing my band’s new EP. Two songs mixed, two more songs tracked, one’s still in the recording phase. When I reach the final mixing stage the songs go onto Dropbox for the band to listen and evaluate the mixes. This is mostly helpful.

they have good music taste
They see things where I have my blind spots

They know and like the songs, so they’ll probably have some blind spots too.
Every player listens to their instrument first. The guitarist wants the guitar loud and the drummer wants to hear more of the drums. They’re probably not the best candidates for seeing the big picture.

How i start – guide track fun!

from the recording revolution by Graham Cochrane I learned about recording a guide track as a way to start recording . Basically you need a recording of the whole song, giving you timing, chords and vocals that give you a basis to start recording individual tracks. Once you have the rhythm instruments tracked, you trash the guide track but up until then it guides you through the recording process. Now that I’m out of my studio I find recording a guide track much more fun. All I do is put my laptop or cell phone on the piano, get a click track running, plug in earphones and the built in microphone does the job. This way ten minutes are enough to kick off any recording. What I really like about this is the fact that it feels so natural. I simply perform the song I want to record. I will also try this with friends who want to help me record their material. They can record their own guide tracks without any fancy equipment. This doesn’t help me with mixing my unfinished projects but this way I can get some songs started that I’d like to finish in the next months.

why this blog?

i really like recording music. i started as a kid using cassette recorders. as a teenager i bought a soundcard from my birthday money and started recording and mixing midi. while studying i got into daw software and bought a condensor mike and a usb audio interface. then i got my first job and i started to build a nice home studio. nothing fancy, but really nice compared to anything i used before. I got married, my job got pretty busy and my spare time gradually went down and down, but i still went into my nice basement studio quite often. three months ago our first baby arrived. it’s wonderful, i love him and it’s really great to be dad. my little studio is collecting a lot of dust now. i still like recording and i had to stop one or two projects three months ago. i could cancel the projects or just try to pick up where i left and use those occasional 15 minutes of time. i’ll try to go for the second option and i thought i’d blog about this experience, maybe it’ll be helpful to others…