i really like recording music. i started as a kid using cassette recorders. as a teenager i bought a soundcard from my birthday money and started recording and mixing midi. while studying i got into daw software and bought a condensor mike and a usb audio interface. then i got my first job and i started to build a nice home studio. nothing fancy, but really nice compared to anything i used before. I got married, my job got pretty busy and my spare time gradually went down and down, but i still went into my nice basement studio quite often. three months ago our first baby arrived. it’s wonderful, i love him and it’s really great to be dad. my little studio is collecting a lot of dust now. i still like recording and i had to stop one or two projects three months ago. i could cancel the projects or just try to pick up where i left and use those occasional 15 minutes of time. i’ll try to go for the second option and i thought i’d blog about this experience, maybe it’ll be helpful to others…


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